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Head Squared Software offer custom software development for small and medium sized business. Our software is web-based to give access from computers, tablets, phones and more.

Your data anywhere

With a database driven website you can manage your data in the cloud and have the software work the way you want.

We can manage the planning, development, coding, deployment, hosting and maintenance of your software to make getting your new system up and running as quick and easier as possible.


Bring all your data together

You may find that you currently have data in a variety of different spreadsheets and databases. This may mean that you are missing the power of bringing this data into a single powerful tool to analyse and present it together.

These types of separated systems also lead to duplication of effort and the possibility of loss of data integrity. By working on a single custom-built system your data is always accurate and up to date.

API Interfaces

If you already have systems in place we can work with existing APIs to dovetail our solution with those provided elsewhere. This ensures that you can still benefit from a great new system whilst keeping pre-existing data working hand-in-hand with the new.

We can also provide API interfaces for our software if you need to provide your clients, business partners, suppliers, etc. with secured access to your data. This type of tool can ensure multiple organisations can work smoothly together using a variety of different systems. With the power of the internet there should be no barrier to sharing data quickly and securely.


Great looking modern website

Our systems are built on great looking templates which have been tested across a variety of different devices. This helps to ensure that your users can access their data from their location using mobile devices, tablets or desktops.

Development Services

Web-App Development

Please see our web-app development page for more information on what services we can provide in the development of powerful websites which meet your users' needs.


Excel Spreadsheet Development

In addition to web-based databases we have experience working with Excel spreadsheets. These can often become un-manageable over time and a fresh perspective can help to re-design them to be more user-friendly.


Offer! - Free estimate for system development

We can meet with you to discuss your systems needs and give you an estimate of development costs1. We will give you a detailed proposal to allow you to make the best decision for your software development project.

1 Terms apply. Please see Free Consultancy session for full details.

Free Consultation

Domain Management

We can help manage your .com, .co.uk, and other domains. It can be confusing to look after your own websites, databases, hosting packages, etc., but with a fully managed solution from Head Squared Software we can take care of everything for you!

Cloud Cloud based systems

Access your data from anywhere in the world. If you're online you can get onto your software.

dev Hosting Packages

We can manage domain names, servers, hosting and the like so you can focus on your key business areas.

globe Professional Templates

You have a choice of professional looking templates which have been tested across a range of devices.

support Testing at its core

We don't just test our software at the end of development. We build automated testing into the core from day one to help keep bugs at bay.
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issue Online Issue Tracking

If you or your staff have ideas for improvement or report any issues we provide a great web-based system for manging this process.

stack Full development solution

From specification to launch, right through to maintenance we can provide you with a complete service to make the process as smooth as possible.

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Contact us to discuss your unique pond needs with one of our expert staff.

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