Testing is at the heart of our development

With the latest developments in coding frameworks, automated code testing can be added quickly and easily. This allows the software to test itself every time a change is made. This combined with human testing helps to ensure that bugs are minimised during the initial development and during the lifetime of the system.

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Test Driven Development

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In-Depth Testing

This in-depth testing platform tests a wide range of real-world functionality. It can mimic human user actions such as clicking on links, selecting options from a list, carrying out searches, filling out forms and much more. This allows large projects to be tested completely every time any change is made to your software. This helps to keep bugs to an absolute minimum for the full life of a project.

We use End to End testing (scenario testing) and unit testing to ensure all elements of the system meet with the specification and function correctly. This area is often overlooked by other software developers as their systems are not designed to be able to be tested in an automated fashion. Manual testing is more prone to human error; in what may be hundreds of thousands of lines of code this could result in many bugs cropping up. Our use of automated testing can avoid many of these kinds of issues.

Releasing a new piece of functionality assuming it fits into the rest of the software without issue can be dangerous. It may do or it may not... Do you want to take the risk that this change won't cause major problems somewhere in the application? Give yourself the peace of mind that our automated tests will check the entire project every time a change is made. They leave no stone un-turned and pick up issues right at the start so your software can run as smoothly as possible once it goes live.

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