Excel Spreadsheet Development

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We provide user-friendly and professional looking tools. Past projects include the creation of 10-year financial forecasts for a chain of hotels for the National Trust.

By considering us for your Excel development needs we can create a great solution using your current spreadsheets, develop new spreadsheet or recommend when moving away from Excel would be of a benefit. We often find that existing spreadsheets have helped shape the needs for a system, but cannot grow with it and with our in depth knowledge of web-apps we will often find a more user-friendly and powerful system can be adopted for a great value price.

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Excel Spreadsheet development

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Excel VBA development

Good spreadsheet design can be a problem for any business. How can a worksheet be designed for all users to quickly understand its contents and its use whatever their previous experience? Spreadsheets are provided with help files and use an easy to follow layout to best meet specific users needs.

We use your data to create solutions for your business. We leave you not with a 'report', but with a model which can be updated by employees in your business. We give you the tools to create solutions. We use Visual Basic to write powerful code which can work with spreadsheets already used by your business or to create new applications from scratch. We can create attractive data input forms, use looping functions to automate repetitive tasks, manage and display data, automate chart creation, validate data, create user-defined functions, amongst other skills. For a very cost effective price, Head Squared can update currently used spreadsheets or build new spreadsheets from scratch.

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