Oxfordshire based Web-App Development

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With the explosion in Internet connectivity, there is little reason not to think first about any business system being available online. Web-Apps allow the creation of software which is easily accessible from a variety of devices and from any location. Tying software to a single, or even a few computers may cause issues which are no longer necessary.

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Oxfordshire based Web-App development

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing may be second nature to you, or you may find the term itself confusing. Basically cloud computing allows access to a system via the Internet, through a variety of devices. It is a powerful tool which is now available even to smaller businesses and can free up staff to work from wherever they find themselves.

Our great, comprehensive service can help to define the system specifications, design, code, deploy, host and maintain your new software. This makes implementing your own custom systems a breeze!

Please see below for the benefits of using a Web-App from Head Squared Software for your next software system:

  • Access available from the office, home or on the go
  • Users can be on mobiles, tablets, laptops or desk-tops
  • Extensive automated test suites
  • Fully managed systems available
  • Choice of template for the look you prefer
  • Great value! You could get a powerful new system for less than you may imagine (packages start from as little as a few thousand pounds)

Programming Languages / Frameworks

We have produced projects using the following languages / frameworks:

  • PHP (Codeigniter, Laravel)
  • MySQL, Microsoft Access (Database)
  • Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS)
  • Microsoft Excel (including VBA)
  • Twitter Bootstrap 2.3 & 3.0 (front-end framework)
  • HTML

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